This year is about worlds. Whether alien planets, our own Earth, or a new world wide web, there are new and old sights to be seen.

There are thirty-five entries so far this year.

Photos. Series.

Supercharge Your Preferences.
A redesign to put you in charge of your settings and your data.

The secret to success on any World Wide Web is the lack of friction.

Better Photos.
Much improved photo galleries are now available.

Privacy Changes.
Changes to the privacy policy and functionality of my website.

Trees and Threes.
Climbing Sliabh Bána to its summit.

Big I.
The World Wide Web is not what it used to be.

Thoughts and considerations on what it means to change fonts.

Horses and Sheep.
Exploring new terrain amongst horses and sheep.

Search Out of Beta.
My custom built search engine is now out of beta.

Changes are on the way. Python 3 and a new theming strategy.

X-H1 Thoughts.
Extensively different, still dependable. My next camera?

Star Trek: Discovery Review.
Star Trek: Discovery is mirroring its television counterparts. Thoughts on the first series and what I want to see next.

Read Me.
My journal, in all of its entirety, is now available for Kindle in preview form.

Reading Time.
How a bug in software reminded me how I got started with this all way back when.

Address Space Oddities.
IPv6 has been on the network cards for a while. Are we there yet?

Fujifilm have created a new way of processing photos already taken.


Aerial Views from Year 2.
Photos taken during my second year of flying.

Most of my photos from Leitrim are from Carrick-on-Shannon and neighbouring areas.


Planet Ireland.
Stitched photos I have taken with my multirotor aircraft.

Some photos of the northernmost county.

Saint Patrick’s Day.
I have taken photos at several locations on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Gleniff Horshoe.
Unspoilt scenery in County Sligo.

The country known for the black stuff has a little of the white stuff too.

Roscommon lends itself well to nature and wildlife, as can be seen here.


Mullaghmore offers some of the best views near the Atlantic.

Flight Tracking.

Radio Reception.
To track aircraft, all that is needed is a computer, receiver, and antenna.

About Multilateration.
Multilateration explained. Although handy, it is imperfect.

Flight Tracking Introduction.
With flight tracking, you can watch the world move around.


Air Travel.
Flying will further change the way everyone travels the world.


It is the first half in the fourteenth year of running my site.

No Radio.

Flight Recorder.
Sometimes it is not your fault. Sometimes it is. I learnt something.

A Tale of Two Nations.
A day of flying in two nations. Then, something unexpected happens.

Mobile Changes.

In Mobile.
Time to reflect on how my use of my smartphone has changed in the past year.