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There are ten entries so far, but the year is not yet done.

X‑H1 Thoughts.
Extensively different, still dependable. My next camera?

Star Trek: Discovery Review.
Star Trek: Discovery is mirroring its television counterparts. Thoughts on the first series and what I want to see next.

Read Me.
My journal, in all of its entirety, is now available for Kindle in preview form.

Reading Time.
How a bug in software reminded me how I got started with this all way back when.

Address Space Oddities.
IPv6 has been on the network cards for a while. Are we there yet?

Fujifilm have created a new way of processing photos already taken.


Aerial Views.
Ireland as seen from the skies.


No Radio. Mobile Changes.


Flight Recorder.
Sometimes it is not your fault. Sometimes it is. I learnt something.

A Tale of Two Nations.
A day of flying in two nations. Then, something unexpected happens.


In Mobile.
Time to reflect on how my use of my smartphone has changed in the past year.


Find out when approximately certain things will be published on my site.

Home Network.
The ins and outs of my home network, explained in detail.