Sean Rozekrans.


From 2018 there will be two photo unveilings each year.

From next year, the schedule is changing. Historically the photo has always been unveiled on the Friday before Christmas Day. From 2018 there will be two unveilings each year.

If you do anything long enough, you will find out what works best and what does not. So it is with my previously titled Photo of the Year series.

There are two big issues I run into every November when selecting the best photo of the year, out of all of the photos I have taken that year.

The first is that it costs a huge amount of time to actually sort through and look at all photos I have taken that year. The second issue is when the chosen photo actually gets unveiled. Up to now has been the last Friday before Christmas Day.

I will solve both problems at once. There will be two photos unveiled each year, one will be unveiled in the summer, and the second will be unveiled four Fridays before Christmas Day, which for 2018 means November 30.

The precise date for the summer unveiling is not set in stone yet. This will vary somewhat year by year, as I tend to be busy during the summer months.

The idea of the series has always been one photo to sum up the year. Christmas starts to creep into more and more photos towards November, so despite moving the date up, it is unlikely that the photo of the second half of the year will be taken after the cut off.

In fact, I normally already have the photo selected by the new date, and it is just waiting to be unveiled. But if I need more time for some reason, the change gives me three extra weeks while still being within the same calendar year needed. The old schedule was quite unforgiving.

By selecting two photos for every year it also increases the likelihood of more diversity in the selections. If you look at the photos I have chosen, it is uncommon that photos of the first half‑year get chosen. This will now change.

Finally, because there are now two photos every year, the series has been renamed to In One Photo. For the moment the links stay the same, but I will need to switch some things around eventually.