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Today I am launching the ebook version of this site in preview form.

As this is a preview version, there are some limitations. The book file is a hybrid file, and for this to work you must have a third generation Kindle, which were first sold in 2010, or any later Kindle device. Earlier devices will never be supported.

If you are using a third generation Kindle, first make sure to update it, otherwise it will still not work. If you are using Kindle on iOS make sure to download the alternate version of this book that has been made specially for this purpose.

This is a sort of initial version of the book and its structure is not fully completed. When you open the book it will start with the oldest photo of the year. This will be improved further down the line. For the moment use Kindle’s built-in navigation to find the entries you want to read.

Enhanced Typesetting is not supported because it is not cross-compatible at this time with the way the site is formatted. Do not make notes or highlights at this time. They will not transfer to the final book! The title of the book, along with various other metadata, is temporary at this time.

This version of the book does not yet have a cover. This will follow in a future version.

Book File.

Book file for Kindle. This version is not supported on Kindle for iOS. Book file for EPUB coming later.

For Kindle devices it is easiest to plug in your Kindle read and copy the file to the documents folder on the Kindle drive. Eject the drive and start reading.

If you want to read on your smartphone or tablet, install the Kindle app from Google Play and sign in using your Amazon account. Go into Settings and look for the email address tied to the app. Email the file to that address from one the the email addresses on your approved list. You can find this list at amazon.(com,, de, and so on)/myk and click on Settings, and scroll down to Personal Document Settings.

To read on a desktop system, install the Kindle app either from Windows Store, App Store, or Amazon’s site. Sign in with your Amazon account. You can now open the .azw3 file with the Kindle app and begin reading.