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PC. 19 February.
The future of personal computing is to be less complex.

Mobile. 10 February.
Time to reflect on how my use of my smartphone has changed in recent months.

Dismantled. 4 February.
It is time for some spring cleaning, and plans for the future.

Timeline. 23 January.
This is what happens if you automate and mix two sections together.

Changes. 27 December.
A look back at this year and what has changed.

Photo of the Year. 16 December.
Since 2009 I have chosen my best photo of the year. It is time to unveil my choice for 2016.

Photo of the Year.

Cameras: Thoughts. 8 December.
What my collective historic use of cameras all means.

Cameras: RX100M3. 8 December.
A look back at the little camera that could. The everywhere camera.

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