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Cameras: X-T2. 29 March.
Some different. The extension of a vision in a camera.

Cheese. 5 March.
My timelessly long travel on the Internet is drawing to a close.

Photography with Numbers: Sensor Size.
When you are using a crop sensor, the photo is different from a full sensor. This has pros and cons.

Files. 22 February.
Files are both abstract and imaginary. In the future they are neither.

PC. 19 February.
The future of personal computing is to be less complex.

Mobile. 10 February.
Time to reflect on how my use of my smartphone has changed in recent months.

Dismantled. 4 February.
It is time for some spring cleaning, and plans for the future.

Timeline. 23 January.
This is what happens if you automate and mix two sections together.

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