Sean Rozekrans.

My journal on aviation, life, photography and technology.

Supercharge Your Preferences.
A redesign to put you in charge of your settings and your data.

Aerial Views from Year 2.
Photos taken during my second year of flying.

The secret to success on any World Wide Web is the lack of friction.

Most of my photos from Leitrim are from Carrick-on-Shannon and neighbouring areas.


Better Photos.
Much improved photo galleries are now available.

Privacy Changes.
Changes to the privacy policy and functionality of my website.

Planet Ireland.
Stitched photos I have taken with my multirotor aircraft.

Some photos of the northernmost county.

Radio Reception.
To track aircraft, all that is needed is a computer, receiver, and antenna.

About Multilateration.
Multilateration explained. Although handy, it is imperfect.

Trees and Threes.
Climbing Sliabh Bána to its summit.

Big I.
The World Wide Web is not what it used to be.

Thoughts and considerations on what it means to change fonts.

Air Travel.
Flying will further change the way everyone travels the world.