Sean Rozekrans.


Some of the best tools and resources that I have used to get this site made.

All of the software on this page was available for free, at least as far as core features go. Free software is often the best software.


I have been using BBEdit since around 2007 or so, and I still use it to this day. I have tried many other editors of all kinds, but few come close. Where BBEdit often wins and other lose, is that it has a long history and has every feature you could possible ever need. In some newer web‑based editors such as Brackets and Atom, I end up having performance issues with large files, something that does not occur in BBEdit. BBEdit can deal with compressed files, file system native versioning, regular expressions, and so on.

Bare Bones Software.

Capture One 10.

At some point I switched over from Adobe Lightroom to Capture One. Its overall workflow is more efficient and flexible, and can sometimes even be faster. Capture One is free with Sony cameras, otherwise it must be purchased. The type of editing I do with Capture takes less time, and the image processing chain results in better picture quality. Because photos do not need to be in a central library, it is more suited for me when I am working in the field.

Phase One.

Nikola and Python.

All pages on my site are either generated through Nikola, or pass through them. Nikola is a free static website generator, and I have modified it slightly to make it fit my needs. Out of the box Nikola was already 90% there, it is just a very well managed piece of software.

I use a now much outdated version 7.0.0 on the equally outdated Python 2.7. But because there are no known issues, I’m sticking with these old versions on purpose. Everything that builds this site, from Nikola, to my search spider, to my gallery system, and so on, runs on an independent installation of Python 2.7.

Nikola website. Python.


I use a recent version of the OpenStreetMap API to source locality information. This information is used mainly in the photos section of the site. Photos that have GPS information, especially those generated by quadcopter, can automatically be titled with human readable location information this way. Although I could do this by hand, I use the API so that it is automated.

Font Types.

I use subsets of two families of fonts on my site. Check out Lato and Vollkorn. I have special requirements for the type I use on my site. You can read more about that in my Style Guide.

Lato. Vollkorn.


In order to achieve resolution indepence, it is necessary to use SVG graphics. Sadly, creating vector art is a skill I don't yet possess. Fortunately, I have been trying out Dario Ferrando's icons called Linea. His iconography is a thin weight, and is as a result a more natural fit with the overall look of my site.

I use them mostly unedited on my site. Once I have mastered SVG and vector specific techniques such as bézier curves, I will probably create my own icon set. By using SVG, I can also change the color of the icons on the fly, to suit whatever content is being shown.