Sean Rozekrans.


The latest version of the privacy policy for my website.

Every effort is made to preserve your privacy. No personally identifying information of any kind is ever sent back to me. A minimal amount of system information, as well as two preference settings, are sent back to me, as outlined below.

This privacy policy is effective from the date at the start of the page. It will change without prior notice.


Preferences. Search. Logs. Legal.

My website offers a choice for readers to change the look of the site in two ways. One is to change the theme, either dark or light. The second option is to change the font, either sans‑serif or serif. Both of these options are stored as boolean values.

If you have turned off cookies for this website or your browser, then no attempt is made to store these cookies. Functionality of the site still works as expected, but no settings are stored.

These settings are stored for the current browsing session, as determined by your browser settings. The look of the site is changed, but only until you navigate away, or reload, or reset the page.

E.U. law requires me to implement a notification that I will use cookies to keep them past the current session. However, I don’t know if I will be using cookies, because I don’t know if the reader will click said preferences.

So, in order to keep things simple, and also legal, the settings are not stored past the current session. It is however possible for the reader to manually set the cookies to not expire. This is not covered under neither European laws nor E.U. laws.

Preferences. Search. Logs. Legal.

All versions of search available on the site do not send search queries or any information at all back to me. Instead, the entire database is downloaded. When entering queries, the search is performed through the locally downloaded database, thereby bypassing the need to send the queries back to me.

The database is only downloaded when scripting is turned on for this site or the browser, so it is possible that I therefore can determine this setting of the browser, though it has no value.


Preferences. Search. Logs. Legal.

While I try to disable access logging wherever possible, this is sometimes not an option in my control. Access logging is standard for almost all webservers, and is therefore normal. The requested page URL, the request time, an unconfirmed name and version of the browser, and the requesting IP address are stored if this happens.

Because my site serves higher resolution images to higher resolution displays, i.e. Retina or HiDPI displays, the resulting URL requests will reflect this. This information is also of no value.

For photo slideshows, while a photo is displayed, the next photo in the slideshow is being downloaded ahead of time. Therefore, I can logically determine that people are continuing to view the slideshows. Once again, this information has no value.

Preferences. Search. Logs. Legal.

As required by law, if logs are available they are handed over to authorities when requested. As these logs contain no personal information, they are of no value.