Planet Ireland.

Stitched photos I have taken with my multirotor aircraft. Taken in 2017 and 2018.

Here are some stitched panoramic photography whereby tiny sphere ‘planets’ are seen. These are created by taking up to 34 photos, totalling approximately 400Mpixel combined, and then correcting them in post-production. They are then stitched into one large photo, which is then scaled back down for display here.

There are a huge number of variables not present when doing this with normal photography, hence these photos are often imperfect, but nevertheless close enough to enjoy.

How to view them? The centre of the photo is straight-down, as in directly below the aircraft. As you look further toward the edges you are effectively looking further toward the horizon. You are effectively looking at a fish-eye view of the area.

Some locality names are added to this album by an automated system which sources data from OpenStreetMap.

L3390, Co. Leitrim.
Castlefore Lough.
Lough Melvin.
Co. Roscommon.
Drumod Harbour.
L3412, Co. Leitrim.